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Starting 13.08: Covid Safe Ticket

The Belgian Government decided on July 19th events with a capacity of 1.500 people or more, can use the Covid Safe Ticket (CST). With a CST you can attend an event without facial masks and social distance.

OLT Rivierenhof increases its capacity to 2.000 people, from August 13th on, and will work the Covid Safe Ticket. Bring both your CST or European Digital Corona Certificate and valid phsyical proof of identity with biometric data: ID card, drivers license (credit card type) or passport.

Not valid: copy or photos of an ID card, drivers license or pasport; debit or credit card; drivers license on paper; itsme-app... (not exhaustive)

When do you get a Covid Safe Ticket?

Everyone from the age of 12 (born in 2009) and up can request a CST. Kids under the age of 12 can enter OLT Rivierenhof without any additional checks.

You receive a valid Covid Safe Ticket when:

  • You possess a vaccination certificate: you’ve been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks.
  • You got a recovery certificate for at least 6 months.
  • You took a PCR-test and received a negative result (this result is valid for the day of testing + 48 hours)
  • You took an antigentest (performed by medically schooled personnel) and received a negative result (this result is valid for the day of testing + 24 hours)

Where can you request a Covid Safe Ticket?

Do you have the Belgian nationality, or are you in possession of a Belgian document of residence?

Het CST gebruikt dezelfde QR-code als het Europees Digitaal Coronacertificaat. Deze codes zijn identiek. Heb je reeds zo'n certificaat, dan moet je geen bijkomend document aanvragen.

The CST uses the same QR code as the European Digital Corona Certificate. These codes are identical. If you already have such a certificate, you need no additional documents.

No European Digital Corona Certificate? Request your CST by following any of these guidelines:

  • You can request a digital CST in the CovidSafeBE-app (mobile app) and on websites like Mijn Burgerprofiel, or MyHealthViewer. To request your certificate online, you’ll need your ID-card, pin code, and card reader. Other activated digital keys (like itsme) will work as well.
  • You can receive a printed version of a CST or vaccination certificate by mail as well. Do keep in mind it’ll take at least one week for postal services to deliver your order. To receive a CST by mail, contact the Helpdesk of the region you were vaccinated in:
    • Flanders: 078 78 78 50 (09:00 – 17:00, weekdays only) (for international calls: +32 78 78 78 50)
    • Brussels: 02 214 19 19 (09:00 – 17:30 on weekdays, 10:00 – 17:30 on weekends)
    • German-speaking Community: 0800 23 032 (09:00 – 17:00, weekdays only)
    • French Community: 071 31 34 93 (09:00 – 19:00, Monday through Saturday)

Not a Belgian citizen?

As a European citizen you can use the EU Digital COVID Certificate. For more information click here.
Are you living outside the European Union? Please contact Info-Coronavirus to obtain a valid QR-code.

How will the Covid Safe Ticket be checked in OLT?

The CST is a personal document. Our staff will scan the QR codes of your CST or European Digital Corona Certificate and check your identity. To be able to do so, we request you bring proof identity (including biometrical data), like an ID-card, passport or driver’s license. Bring both your CST or European Digital Corona Certificate and valid phsyical proof of identity (biometric chip card: ID card, drivers license or passport).

When we scan your CST, no data on your health will be shared with OLT Rivierenhof. We only receive your full name, date of birth, and information on whether your certificate answers to the requirements to let you into OLT (e.g., if your code is still valid).

Not able to present a CST or valid QR code? We won’t be able to let you into the venue. Unfortunately, this also means you have no claim on refunding your tickets. However, you can try to sell your tickets last-minute on TicketSwap.

If your CST turns out to be no longer valid, you’ll need take a new PCR- or antigen-test before you can enter OLT. Keep in mind there are no testing facilities on site.

How much to pay for Covid Safe Ticket?

A CST is free. PCR- or antigen-tests aren’t. OLT Rivierenhof doesn’t refund any tests taken.

Kids, youngsters, and adults who didn’t yet get the chance to get fully vaccinated, can request 2 free PCR-tests through this link. This offer only runs through the months of July, August, and September.

What about my tickets for OLT Rivierenhof?

When you buy a ticket for a concert at OLT Rivierenhof, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions. You explicitly and unconditionally state being up-to-date with this information on the measures in the fight against corona and agreeing to them.

If you can not or will not present an official certificate or CST, you are entitled to a refund. We will refund you up until 7 weekdays before the show (12:00 PM). This means that if you have tickets for a show on August 21st, you have until August 13th, 11:59 AM, to ask for a refund. To do so, pleace contact us at Keep in mind we will charge a minor service cost per ticket.

More information can be found at the website of the Flemish Government.

What about shows before August 13th?

For shows at OLT Rivierenhof taking place before August 13th, following rules in the fight against corona apply:

  • Facial masks are obligatory (unless you're seated)
  • Follow the walking trails (the arrows)
  • Keep your distance
  • Disinfect and wash your hands